Artist Statement

Painting on canvas enables me the freedom and excitement to convey my emotions and cultural identity. I paint with bold, defined colors which reflect how I view life: optimistically with a desire to live in the moment. 


Through my art I explore the themes of self-discovery and growth, as I seek to improve my own character and appreciate the richness and beauty of life. I paint the cultural influences that have shaped a person with portraits and still lifes that give unique insight into a person’s character. I seek to show intimate, domestic experiences as they are often sheltered from the public sphere yet enable us to better understand a person’s personality, traditions, and culture. 


Growing up in a multicultural background where I learned three languages at a young age, I began exploring my culturally-mixed identity through painting as it was a visual way to express who I was. Painting is my opportunity to lay down a framework of personal understanding, to offer a visual representation of my cultural backgrounds, and to explore the unknown, as with each painting session I am uncertain of the outcome. I paint about the places I have been, the incredible people in my life, and the different cultures I have experienced.


Though many of the works in my portfolio do not depict any human figures, their deeper meanings revolve around the various environments and objects that have strongly impacted my growth. They represent profound realizations and highlight the discovery process of life. 

Donkey in Utah
My Shot
Painted Snapchat Pics
Shasta Sunrise
In Progress: self portrait
30 Seconds Interaction
Quarantine Reminiscing
1910: German Great Grandmother
Teach Me, Grandpa
Overlooked Rainbow
The Smith Brothers
We All Wear Slippers
My Grandpa Adolph
My Journey: Japan to Now
The Boy That Became My Father
Ange, My Grandmother
Waipo's (Grandma's) Only Sink
One American Stove
My Workplace
My Grandma's Sewing Machine
Potted by My Mother
Cherishing our Time Together
My Grandma's Recipe
Traffic Circle, Mexico City
My Backyard
Painting my Journey
Two Story House
Hanging our Clothes to Dry
My Mom Before Becoming Mom
Always a Similar View
Acueducto de Tepotzotlán, México
Our Holiday Bird