Outfit Repeater

Outfit Repeater


The go-to earrings to accompany any outfits. Rich in color and simple in model, these Outfit Repeater earrings feature paper leaves made from handcrafted Japanese origami paper. Delicately crafted, the leaf design is full of deep blue color with gorgeous gold accents. Always a great choice for gift-giving, or the perfect way to brighten up your own jewelry collection. 


Each pair of earrings is also lacquered with heavy varnish to harden the paper creations and protect against breakage.


Note: Since these origami earrings are handmade, expect slight variations in size, color, and pattern.


  • Measurements: 2.3cm x 3.2cm (.90in x 1.26in)

  • Materials: Handcrafted chiyogami paper from Kyoto, Japan

  • Colors: Blue, Gold

  • Closure Type: Sterling Silver

  • Created: San Francisco, California

  • Inspired by: these earrings are just classics to wear with anything

  • Care Instructions

    When not being worn, store the origami earrings in a clean, dark space to avoid exposure to excessive moisture or sunlight. Avoid water and sweat.